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Basic Subscriber benefits include: Subscription to the CISA Newsletter; advance notification of events.

Associate Supporter benefits include all of the above, plus two free adult admissions to the CISA Storytelling Festival ($100+ subscribers only).

Annual Benefactor benefits include all of the above, plus a free listing in the CISA Newsletter; two free CISA T-shirts; and a certificate of thanks.

Membership Rates
$10 Student/Low Income
$15 Basic Member
$25 Associate Member
$250+ Annual Benefactor

Special Membership
$10 California Indian Storyteller and/or Honored Elders (Elders 60+ years).

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CISA welcomes volunteers! Come work with us at festivals, help with fundraising efforts, or participate in special projects.

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CISA is a 501(3)c non-profit organization and your support is appreciated!

You are welcome to make a tax deductible donation to the CISA organization via PayPal, mail or phone.

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California Indian Storytelling Association
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All contributions are welcome and thank you!

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