CISA Advisors...

Dugan Aguilar (Maidu/Pitt River) is a Native photographer who has photographed CISA events since 1998. His work has been exhibited at galleries throughout the western United States.

Richard Bugbee (Luiseno)
has studied ethnobotany, indigenous plant uses, for over 20 years. He has learned to replicate ancient items form the southern California material cultures, including traditional game items, netting for tumplines, clothing, and ceremonial netted feather skirts from the cordage. Mr. Bugbee has made southern California Indian houses for Cabrillo National Monument, the San Diego Museum of Man, the Kumeyaay Culture School on Barona Indian reservation, Kumeyaay Culture Village on Viejas Indian Reservation, Quail Botanical Gardens, and the Satwiwa Native American Culture Center.

Gregg Castro (Salinan/Ohlone)
has served as the Tribal Chair of the Salinan Nation, as well as an organizer of the Salinan Nation Gathering. He is researcher and scholar in Salinan cultural history and language preservation and has been active in the California Indian community for over 20 years.

Roby Cook (Hupa)

Les Field, Ph.D.
is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. He has published on California Tribal culture and history with special emphasis on the native use of abalone.

Suzanne Guerra
is the Community Heritage Partner and Organizational Consultant to CISA. She has served as a Museum Coordinator and Program Officer for the California Council for the Humanities; State Historian; State Museum Curator; advisor and project coordinator for the California Department of Recreation, State Office of Historic Preservation and National Trust for Historic Preservation, as well as local cultural organizations.

Neil Harvey is an award winning independent radio producer, narrator and writer. With a trace of Abenaki blood, his home is now in Hyampom, in Wintu country, in the watershed of the wild running South Fork of the Trinity River in Northern California.

Debra Krol (Salinan) is a Native California Indian researcher and journalist who has been published nationally and in Europe. Ms. Krol, who lives in Arizona,is the Deputy Director for the Arizona Commission on Indian Affairs.

Dorothy Martinez
is a retired Education Consultant from the California Department of Education. She served many years as a consultant for the American Indian Education Centers and for the American Indian Early Childhood Education Programs.

Joe Orosco (Hupa)

Julia Parker
(Pomo/Miwok) is a world-reknowned basket weaver who has worked as a leader within the California Indian Basket weavers Association. Ms. Parker is an author, a community activist and cultural advisor. She is a tradition bearer and storyteller working at the Yosemite Museum as a cultural interpreter for over 40 years.

Alex Ramirez
(Rumsien/Ohlone) is a revered Elder, cultural tradition bearer, storyteller and tribal historian, researcher. He has worked extensively with the field notes of John P. Harrington in researching his tribal history. Mr. Ramirez works closely with the CISA as an advisor, workshop presenter and storyteller.

Darryl Babe Wilson, Ph.D
. (Iss/Aw’te) is a widely published poet, writer and storyteller. He has a Ph.D. in Comparative Ethnic Literature. Mr. Wilson has been involved with the organization and planning of the CISA Storytelling Festival since its beginnings in 1995.


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